Michael Furey appears at the Challenger Roadshow on 3rd May

This Thursday, Michael Furey, Managing Director of Delta Research & Advisory Pty Ltd, will be appearing on stage at Challenger’s Investment Roadshow as part of a panel discussing the various risks and investment strategies that make retirement income investment portfolios different to accumulation portfolios.

If you would like to understand more about retirement income portfolio design please call Michael on 0432 002 472 or email us at [email protected] .

Fureyous Blog

The Managing Director of Delta Research & Advisory Pty Ltd, Michael Furey, has run a blog since January 2009 covering many investment related topics including but not limited to the local and global economy, fixed interest and equity markets, and various investment strategies. There are links to some of his articles that are published in IFA magazine, Journal of Financial Advice, or various industry newsletters.

The blog is called Fureyous, and can be found by clicking here or just type www.fureyous.com.au in your browser.