About Delta

Delta Research & Advisory Pty Ltd (Delta) is one of Australia’s leading quantitative investment research firms specialising in providing investment research and asset consulting services to dealer groups (AFSLs), financial planners, superannuation funds and other sophisticated investors. Services are centered around the investment committee function and include governance framework, manager selection, asset allocation, approved product lists and model portfolio design.

Specifically these services include the construction, ongoing management, reporting, and review of…

  • Manager Selection – Complimenting qualitative research is Delta’s quantitative research, Delta Factors, that provides insights into historic performance behaviour and where hidden risks may lie
  • Approved Product Lists – covering Managed Funds, Debt Securities, Equity Securities, Investment Platforms, Life Insurance products
  • Asset Allocation – Strategic, Dynamic, Tactical depending on the client’s needs; from conservative to aggressive; covering all major asset classes, styles, and alternative assets and strategies
  • Model Portfolios – across all risk profiles, asset allocations, platforms…using managed funds, ETFs, annuities…for both accumulation and pension drawdown

Additional services include

  • Investment Committee participation where advice is provided on the above-mentioned items
  • Portfolio construction advice for financial planners, fund managers, and superannuation funds to meet specific portfolio objectives
  • Professional Development Conferences and Keynote speaking
  • Investment Education…topics include global & local economic issues and their market impacts, retirement income strategies, Portfolio construction, Fund manager performance and assessment, Future of investing, Derivative strategies and structured products
  • …or simply someone to speak to for bouncing investment ideas from

All fees charged by Delta are on a fee-for-service basis dependent upon the type of work undertaken by Delta. Fees may be charged for one-off projects, or on a monthly retainer basis.